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Gresso’s Cruiser Titanium limited edition phone

By Adrian Prisca


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A famous manufacturer of high-end, limited edition communication devices, Gresso, has recently come up with a series that exudes masculinity, elegance, style and opulence. The Cruiser Titanium phone series is available in three distinct versions – the Cruiser Titanium Black, the Cruiser Titanium Solid and the Cruiser Titanium.

The pieces were crafted from unique materials, encompass ultra high-end precision technology, boast with exquisite manufacture and were designed to be as elegant as possible. For example, priced at $2,500 a piece, the Cruiser Titanium phone is entirely hypoallergenic and will reportedly be available as a limited edition of just 555 pieces.

The case of this particular model was crafted from a single piece, through highly precise techniques and equipment, from the type of titanium that the aerospace industry uses. Furthermore, due to intricate, specially developed technology, the hand polishing of the phone lasts for 16 hours. In addition, each of the pieces will boast an individual identification number, which is engraved on it.

The perfect geometrical shape of the phone case resembles a prolonged rectangle, while the 21 matt steel keys provide a great contrast against the coal-black glossy front and back glass panels. As for the display, it is crafted from solid tempered glass plates alongside special tinting technology which provides that deep dark tone. The Cruiser Titanium Black model is limited to 555 examples as well, each one priced at $2,000.


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