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Gravity Headphones Will Redefine the Way You’re Listening to Music

By Victor Baker


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Gravity Headphones

Korean designer Kyumin Ha is pretty well known for his innovative projects, especially for working his magic at Naver Labs, but this time he’s decided to make our days (and lives) a little bit better with a gorgeous pair of conceptual headphones.

Capable of standing upright without any support when they’re not in use, perfectly balanced at the point between horizontal and vertical, the Gravity headphones offer us the pleasure of staring at a device defying gravity, creating an air of weightlessness and the sense that NASA astronauts love music just as much as anyone else.

Gravity Headphones

The Gravity headphones show off a simple and minimalist design, benefiting from Kyumin Ha’s unique sense of artistry and practicality – something that may come useful, as this is an everyday device. Their lightness is beautifully complemented by perfect geometry and proportions, and I don’t know why, but these beauties take me back in time to the 1980s designs, even though they look extremely futuristic in the same time.

Regardless, I think we can all agree these headphones look ridiculously cool, although there’s no info on technical details or audible delights. We’ll have to wait a bit more for that kind of info.

Gravity Headphones

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