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Graff Showcases The Fascination, a Stunning $40M Diamond Watch

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Graff Diamonds has created another magnificent piece of jewelry which, incidentally, also serves as a timepiece. Appropriately called The Fascination, it was designed to serve either as a watch, or a beautiful bracelet, with a flawless diamond at its heart which can be worn on a ring.

The Fascination features 152.96 carats of Graff’s finest white diamonds, with a rare, fancy-cut 38.13-carat pear-shaped diamonds at its center. This diamond is interchangeable with a diamond watch face which can be inserted into the bracelet instead, thus creating a splendid, glittering timepiece. The aforementioned pear-shaped diamond can then be fitted into a bespoke shank and worn as a ring.

Easily convertible and comfortable to wear, The Fascination is a stunning example of Graff’s craftsmanship, bringing out the best from the brand’s London-based jewelers and the Swiss watchmakers. Recently unveiled at Baselworld, it is expected to find its way somewhere in Asia, according to the company’s CEO, Francois Graff. The new owner will, however, have to dig really deep into his or her pockets, because The Fascination comes with a price tag of $40 million!


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