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Golden Dreams unveils a Carbon Gold composite material

By Adrian Prisca


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Finding stronger, lighter and better looking materials is one of the battles many top brands are currently fighting. Knowing that Pagani has put together carbon titanium and Hublot has invented Magic Gold, Golden Dreams, a luxury brand from Switzerland has recently presented a carbon with 18 carat gold composite material.

Golden Dreams are mostly renowned for creating the world’s most exclusive iPhone collection, which they’ve created earlier this year. The brand’s R&D has collaborated with an American company specialized in the manufacture of carbon fiber for aircraft in order to put together a luxurious form of carbon fiber.

Having gone through different processes, the respective carbon fiber had to be at first treated and then coated with a thin layer of 18 carat gold, in order to keep its structural integrity. They have then integrated the exquisite material into a phone, naming it the Carbon Gold Edition.

The Artistic Director of the company, Belkacem Kendouci, declares: “After the success of our luxury iPhone collection, we received a lot of inquiries for carbon fiber creations. We were also observing very closely the work of the lines of Pagani with their Carbon Titanium on the Zonda Cinque and other leading exotic car manufacturers who were turning carbon fiber into an attractive art form and we wanted to do something similar with our creations.”

Later on, the CEO of Golden Dreams, Alexandre Masson, was delighted to say the result has exceeded their initial expectations. He declared: “The R&D was challenging but we succeeded in creating something spectacular. We are not going to limit this technology to the iPhone, as it finds application in a range of luxury products and can be customized as per the client’s requirement.”

We’re expecting a bit more detailed descriptions of this particular material and the gadgets it gets integrated into.

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