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Gold Plated D7 preamplifier from Dalby Audio

Making music or even listening to it has become an art a long time ago. Nowadays we tend to be squeamish when talking about sound. We’re in a continuous pursuit to find new ways to enjoy the melodies and new designs to fit them. We found a solution for those who love luxurious music gear, coming from Dalby Audio – the D7 preamplifier.

The name D7 stands for an entire “state of the art” range of preamplifiers that allow you to go through different three-dimensional soundstage feels, from any direction. The preamplifiers reportedly boast”9-carat gold-plated brass floating skin supported by a Tri-composite chassis of: Mahogany, copper and carbon fiber.”

The role of these is to handle and control micro-phonic vibrations during playback. Furthermore, the cabling of the package was done using copper and pure silver. There’s also the option of choosing any of the Lignum Vitae or Gabon Ebony isolation feet.

We can bet you’re already telling us to cut the jabbering and turn to prices and availability. Note that the costs start at £54,500 ($86,640), while the set displayed throughout the photos costs £67,000 ($106,710).



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