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Globe-Trotter and Etiquette Clothiers luggage cases

Globe-Trotter is a company well known for their bespoke luggage collections and their newest launch, the limited edition “White” series,  designed in collaboration with Etiquette Clothiers, will make them even more popular. This is apparently the second time these two brands work together and the finished products are worth your full and undivided attention.

It’s the first ever all-white luggage collection, handcrafted in England from vulcanized fiberboard, with a special black leather trimming and other accents that spell out sophistication. When you open any of these cases you will be impressed by a patterned silk lining designed by the acclaimed NYC-based Dutch artist Jonny Detiger.

The pattern shows Detiger’s drawings of humorous characters and their human interactions in a beautiful way that makes these luggage cases truly exclusive. Priced at $2,500, you can order any of these cases online at Etiquette Clothiers.



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