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Glamorous Majorca House for sale on eBay

By Adrian Prisca


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This fantastic house is located in Majorca, Spain and belongs to prince and talk show host Karl-Heinz Richard Furst von Sayn-Wittgenstein. Yes, that’s his full name. The 10,700 square feet home is perfect for anyone who’s impressed by gold, glamor and glitter and it’s now listed for sale on eBay for a staggering price of $28,000,000!

The glamorous residence was inspired by the creations of Lugi Colani, a German industrial designer whose works have a rounded and organic form. Apparently more than 1,230 square feet of 24 carat gold are part of this opulent home but all that glitz is also complemented by high-tech appliances, all of them being remote controlled.

Six entrance doors embedded with Swarovski crystals, not one, but two beautiful outdoor pools, several statues and a pretty impressive interior design turn this house into a flashy residence. Is it too flashy? That’s a good question to ask because a lot of people would consider this home a bit too much but I’m sure there’s an Arab prince who would love it.


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