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Giorgio Armani Brings the Sun and Air di Gioia into our lives

By Victor Baker


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sun and air di gioia

Giorgio Armani has planned to impress every single lady, by revealing a duo of gorgeous fragrances that seem to complement each other, inspired by the air and sun, which join the more iconic scent Aqua di Gioia. A mesmerizing mix of refreshing notes,  Aqua di Gioia includes crushed mint leaves and Limone Primo Fiore Femminello from Calabria that just seem to overwhelm your senses in the most beautiful way possible.

But these new fragrances are already announced to be equally amazing. First, the scent of pure Mediterranean air has been captured within the bottle of Air di Gioia, which starts with touches of Bergamot, Fresesia and Marine notes, to make you feel like you’re right next to the sea. Dedicated to to the element of air, this fragrance hints towards freedom and independence.

sun and air di gioia

On the other hand, Sun di Gioia is a warm and feminine addition to the brand’s bespoke product line, meant to resemble the summer’s warm and exciting atmosphere, or the excitement provided by a sunrise enjoyed on the beach. This new scent notes of Mandarin, Neroli and Red pepper, leading to a sweet heart of Orange blossom.

No matter which perfume you’re going to pick from these two, we’re sure both of these new fragrances from Giorgio Armani will make your days even better. A touch of unparalleled style has to be joined by a wonderful scent, if you totally want to rock this summer.

sun and air di gioia

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