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Floris Royal Arms Diamond Edition Perfume

We’ve discovered another tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee from one of the oldest and unique Perfume Houses in Great Britain, Floris. They’ve been recently working on the Royal Arms, whose name comes from 1926, when it had been made for the first time. It comes as two different substances: the Eau de Parfume, part of the Private Collection, and the Perfume, a much more expensive and rare version.

The Floris Royal Arms Diamond Edition’s Perfume version will only be poured into 6 antique crystal bottles, of 60 ml each, from which one will be owned by her Majesty. The other 5 bottles are going to be available at the price of £15,000 or $23,500 in the 89 Jermyn Street shop.

The crystal bottle itself is a classic and extremely rare piece, coming from the ‘90s, adorned with just one Fairtrade white diamond, hand-set by a London-based jewels expert. In addition, an 18-carat solid gold decoration can be seen suspended on a fragile-looking chain, decked with a Royal Arms engraving on a hallmark charm.

The recipe that stands behind the extremely exquisite fragrance has its roots back in 1926, and features roses essences combined with sweet violet, ylang ylang, iris and jasmine. The result is a tender, sweet aroma, enhanced by subtle lemon and bergamot tones for a bit more lightness. There’s more to the amalgam of smells, including vanilla, patchouli, musk and amber for a rather deep and passionate feel.

The Eau de Parfume, part of the Private Collection, comes bottled in 100 ml flacons, but bearing a much lower price, of £99 or $155 per piece. This can definitely fit the larger masses’ pockets.



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