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Ferrari 458 Italia Chinese Special Edition

As a tribute to the 20th anniversary of Ferrari activity in China, the Italian supercar maker is releasing a special Chinese edition version of the Ferrari 458 Italia. There’s a series of details that differentiate this edition from the original model. First of all, the car will be painted in Marco Polo Red, a different tone of red than the one Ferrari has accustomed us with.

Second, a small collection of Chinese elements will be added to the car, with vinyls as the most imposing. Third, the exquisite car will boast the “longma” theme, an ancient idiom that stands for “the vigor and the spirit of the legendary dragon-horse.” This is an interesting way to combine a symbol of Chinese traditions, the dragon, with the Ferrari logo, the Prancing Horse.

And forth, the final touch, and apart from the interior and exterior changes, refers to beauty – golden styling elements and a set of golden wheels adorn this already gorgeous supercar.

We do not know anything yet regarding the date when it will be purchasable or prices, but what we do now is that it will only be available in 20 units and that it’s going to be presented during the inauguration of the Ferrari Exhibition at Shanghai Expo Park’s Italian Center.



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