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Romain Jerome unveils the Moon Dust Watch Collection

The trips to the moon have been suspended by quite some time but if we can’t go to our natural satellite maybe we could bring the moon in our lives and not only by seeing it on the night skies. Romain Jerome is a company that has found a unique and exciting solution to this.

The fabled Swiss timepieces manufacturer presents its glamorous Moon Dust Collection, which boasts real moon dust encased in several wonderful cases. The fact it’s real moon dust is ensured by a certificate that comes with the watch, which proves the provenience of the dust particles that make up the crater-specked dial.

The case comes in several versions, with a white face, ochre, sparkling steel, grey or black. The steel used for the watch’s case comes from the Apollo XI space shuttle, with additional fibers from a suite that has been worn on an international space station mission. Furthermore, Sputnik’s antennae are replicated as well, in the form of the watch’s hands.

It’d be quite an honor to wear a watch like this on your wrist, with its exquisiteness enhanced by the fact that the series will only feature a limited 1,969 units – just as the year in which the moon was trampled, for the first time in history, by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

On Romain Jerome’s online store, potential customers of this fabulous timepiece can order and choose the desired color for its case.



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