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Felder Felder unveiled a Carbon Dress inspired by BMWi

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Carbon Dress

Daniela and Annette Felder, the German twins behind the London-based fashion label Felder Felder, have just unveiled their company’s 10th anniversary collection, an interesting mix of pieces made out of up-cycled and sustainable materials, with an eye catching carbon dress as the central piece of this new line.

Inspired by BMW’s i-vehicles, this innovative carbon dress was made using real carbon fiber from BMW’s electric vehicle program. The manufacturing process of this unique dress took more than 100 hours, with the final product made up of 97% carbon fiber, which makes this carbon dress super lightweight and sturdy, as you’d expect, while looking all kinds of stylish.

Carbon Dress

The German designer twins were the actually first to get access to BMWi’s carbon material, a decision that probably gave them an overwhelming sense of pride. BMW was gracious enough to let the Felder sisters acquire carbon fiber from its exclusive source, making the unveiling of the Felder Felder 10th Anniversary Collection a very special event, with the BMW i8 also making an awesome appearance.

Although they need no further introduction, especially once the Carbon Dress reaches the fashion universe, Annette and Dani Felder are among the leading names of the British fashion scene.

Carbon Dress

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