Fabulous $85 Million Estate Overlooking Los Angeles

Even by L.A.’s standards, the home we are about to showcase, situated at 1181 North Hillcrest Avenue, is stunningly luxurious. It is the result of a collaboration between Interior Architect Joseph Ferrugio, designer Roman James, and of course the owner, handbag tycoon Bruce Makowsky, and exudes class and elegance from every nook and cranny.

The 23,000-square-foot mansion was designed as a spot where the legendary Rat Pack would feel at home if they had lived in the 12st century. It features Bentley leather stitched furniture and walls, a James Bond-inspired bar, a James Dean replica motorbike in the living room, and even a candy shop! Other elements adding to the 7-bedroom home’s lavish character include a home movie theater, open concept garage with hydraulic display sets, and fully-equipped gym. This veritable bachelor’s paradise also boasts a great infinity pool, which provides panoramic views of Los Angeles from the property’s excellent vantage point, atop the Trousdale Estates.

Bruce Makowsky’s awesome new place comes with the very hefty price tag of $85 million, a figure worthy of its excellent location and high-end features.