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Extravagant Royal Lion iPhone 6 Elite Handset by Goldgenie

By Brody Patterson


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Royal Lion iPhone 6 Elite

If you’ve been following Chinese cultural events, you know that a few days ago marked the start of the Year of the Goat. British luxury brand Goldgenie (whose work we’ve shown you in the past) decided to celebrate the event with yet another exquisite limited edition handset called the “Year of the Goat” 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite.

As its name suggests, the luxurious device comes with a glittering 24-carat gold plated case, with a hand-painted the figure of a goat on the back. Presentation is also important when you’re trying to attract customers with very deep pockets, so it’s not surprising that this very special smartphone comes in a beautiful Cherry Oak-finished box, which is a magnificent piece in and of itself.

The Royal Lion iPhone 6 Elite handset by Goldgenie was released as a limited edition comprising 99 numbered pieces, and is available in one of two versions: the 64GB edition (priced at about $4,000) and the 128GB model (which would set you back around $4,800).

Royal Lion iPhone 6 Elite

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