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Discover Norway on a Family Holiday

A holiday to Norway is the perfect choice for a magical white Christmas, and it can be a great place to take young children to, who will be entranced by the scenery and huge snow drifts! A flight to Oslo only takes two hours, so even families with young children can manage the flight, and there are a range of places to stay when you arrive. Oslo is great for those who want a city escape, but for a truly traditional white Christmas you’ll need to head out into the countryside.

The north of the country enjoys the most snow, so if you fancy skiing (or making snow angels for those less skilled) this is the place to be! It’s also the best place to see the spectacular Northern Lights, which are a magical sight for both adults and children, and November to April is the best time to view the Aurora Borealis.

This amazing natural light show is the result of charged particles colliding with atoms in the upper thermosphere, so if you swot up on the science before you leave you can slip a bit of education into your holiday too!

For an unforgettable trip, why not book into the world famous Ice Hotel for a few nights? Children will be delighted to spend a night on ice, wrapped up in furs (a proper adventure if ever there was one!), and you also get heated accommodation to keep you warm for the rest of your stay. The ice hotel is made from frozen blocks of river water, and has to be rebuilt each year, making it a truly unique destination.

Exploring the surrounding areas can make unforgettable memories for children, and many resorts will offer activities such as snowmobiling or dog sledding. You could take the kids on a wildlife tour and look for reindeer and moose, or keep it simple and spend a day making snowmen and having snowball fights.

Enjoying new experiences together as a family provides some great quality bonding time and ensures that your holiday is full of moments and memories that your children will never forget.


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