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Dior’s new Metallics Makeup Collection Gets You Ready for Autumn

By Victor Baker


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Dior Metallics

I’m not sure about you, but I’m a summer-loving person. With that said, the arrival of autumn always gets me down – but not this time. Dior’s new Metallics collection will have the ladies looking electrifying and beautiful this fall, with this new makeup line focusing on the wonderful contrasts between matte and shimmering metal tones, with a sophisticated palette of colors that everyone will surely appreciate.

For instance, the Metalizer Eyes & Lips hybrid makeup shows off an ultra-pigmented formula that creates a gorgeous metallic effect for your eyes and also on your lips. Designed to be easily carried around and equally easy to use, this combo provides a professional result at any time of the day – let’s not debate the choice of wearing a chrome-like shade on your eyelids while the sun is still up and shining.

Dior Metallics

Next up is the 5 Couleurs palette, which plays with contrasts and smoky harmonies, combining matte, satin, sequined and lamé effects, while the Diorshow Bold Brow’s vitamin cocktail takes care of your eyebrows and complements them beautifully. Dior Rouge is also available in six new sensual colors in this range, from beige to flamboyant red and a pinkish brown, while the Dior Contour pencil matches those shades and adds the ultimate touch of color on your lips.

For a complexion that perfectly enhances this makeup, the Diorblush Color & Light allows an easy and tailored application throughout the day. The metallic effect of this beauty look is expressed down to the nails with the Dior Vernis and its three new colors. Of course, there are many other goodies to talk about, but we’ll leave these colors to do the rest of the talking for us!

Dior Metallics


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