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Delorean Aerospace Takes You Back to the Future with the DR-7

By Victor Baker


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Delorean DR-7

Delorean is back in our minds and dreams, with an incredible concept that seems to come straight from the future. Called DR-7, the jaw dropping flying car before you aims to rule the skies of tomorrow, showing off a stunning monocoque composite body and an innovative propulsion method. The creative team behind Delorean Aerospace has imagined a highly efficient wing design for this flying car concept, with a seating composition for two and a low-weight construction that would promise unrivaled speed and maneuverability.

Blending in innovative technologies with bold styling, this project will deliver a unique flight experience and it’s meant to bring the freedom and thrills of air transportation to the masses. I guess the predictions from Back To The Future would eventually come true.

Delorean DR-7

The practical, elegant and extremely safe alternative to conventional aircrafts and people carriers will have you park a zero-emission flying machine right in your driveway or garage. Of course, safety was one of the main concerns when designing this concept, while a futuristic centerline twin vectoring propulsion system, stall-resistant canard wings, and multiple patent-pending features add to an incredible concept.

Thanks to the low drag coefficient and electric power, the range of the DR-7 should impress everyone, but that remains to be seen. The same goes for any future purchase costs; if you’re lucky, Doc Brown will build one for you.

Delorean DR-7

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