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Designer vs. High Street Jewellery – Can You Tell the Difference?

The designer jewellery world is busily getting ready for this year’s Dubai International Jewellery Week, which starts on the 21st November. Held in the Dubai World Trade Centre, it offers high-end designers and jewellers the chance to show off their latest creations and ideas, and is a source of inspiration for many high street jewellers and designers.

Clever High Street Copycats

Many high street jewellery stores can now replicate current designer collections to some extent, and particularly popular shapes, styles and stones will be used each season. Most people would be hard pushed to tell the difference between diamond and cubic zirconium, for example, so you can always buy a cheaper high street version of a designer item and noone will be any the wiser.

Celebs Choose Affordable Bling

Many celebrities are now bridging the gap between high street and couture by wearing high street ranges such as Tresor Paris. Celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Tinchy Stryder and Taylor Swift have all been seen sporting Tresor bracelets and necklaces, which are decorated with crystal studded balls. Tresor is a unisex brand which is available from most high street stores, and their stud earrings start from around £11 – a bargain for buyers who love a good celeb endorsement!

Learn To Mix Old and New

The best way to keep up with the latest jewellery trends is to pick one or two statement pieces to invest in. Consider looking for a striking necklace which could be worn with a simple pair of studs that you already own, and perhaps a bold pair of earrings that can be worn alone for maximum impact.

Colour Is Totally In

Whether you opt for gold or silver is often a personal preference and may depend on your colouring, but think about coloured stones too. Autumnal styles can incorporate amber coloured stones to echo the season’s colours, and you’ll always need a bit of sparkle in winter to mimic the frost and Christmas lights!

Choose Independent Locals

Buying a couple of statement pieces is a good way to keep up with trends and still stay within your budget; and you can always change your key pieces as the latest designer trends change. Try and find a good independent local jeweller to buy from, as you’re less likely to be susceptible to the high mark-ups of the larger jewellery chains.


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