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Salvatore’s Legacy is the World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

By Adrian Prisca


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You’re probably thinking the title brings forth another blinged up cocktail pot with I don’t know what chewy gold leaves or sweet diamond stones. You couldn’t be more wrong, though! What we have here, the World’s Most Expensive Cocktail, is actually made from pure booze.

The legendary Mixologist Salvatore Calabrese has managed to put together Salvatore’s Legacy in front of an audience consisting of London’s top bartenders, at the Playboy Club in Mayfair. There’s absolutely no jewel to be tied to the designation of this liquor, as it was reportedly concocted from the world’s oldest liqueur and Cognac dating back to the American Revolution.

Just one glass of this magnificent drink will cost you a mind-boggling £5,500 ($8,826). This was partly possible because Calabrese has an interesting personality, having previously assembled of collection of rare cognacs worth in excess of £1 million and dating back to the late 18th century. Salvatore’s Bar at the Playboy Club showcases them, behind pretty much unbreakable glass.


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