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Desert Palm Dubai

By Brian Pho


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Chance is you are in Dubai and feel like doing some horseback riding. There aren’t that many places to choose from to be honest and that’s what makes Desert Palm resort even more special. It is fabulous all by itself, yes, but hop on the back of a horse and go riding.

This stylish and luxurious getaway is so chic and special that has had us baffled completely. And this is not something we’re saying all the time! There are lush green polo fields everywhere, exquisite dining experiences, sunset chukkas from a rooftop terrace and breathtaking panoramas displaying sunrises over the desert dunes. There’s also a staggering contrast between the barrenness of the Arabian Desert and the lush greenery at the resort, which boggles the mind and makes one feel unique.

Designed in a gorgeous Per AQUUM style, Desert Palm Dubai combines discrete Arabian architectural details with extremely modern shapes, which you’ll find out providing yet another extremely interesting contrast. Accommodation-wise, there are 38 ‘naturally modern’ guest suites and pool villas, each of them designed distinctively. They are minimalistic yet fully endowed with state of the art amenities, adding to the pleasure of living here.

The official description ends quite interestingly: “The backdrop: Desert Palm polo estate, showcasing four championship polo fields, a riding school, stables, rare birds, endless sunshine and vast green landscapes.”


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