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DeLorean and Marc Moore Bicycle Revealed

By Adrian Prisca


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As a rather impressive comeback of the company, DeLorean has released, some time ago, a few models of their old “time-travelling” vehicle. Enthusiasts haven’t actually been enticed by the price tag of the vehicles, of $90,000 per unit. For those whose bank accounts are less broad, DeLorean presents a silver bike, to act as a shy tribute of the fabled brand.

Part of the DeLorean Motor Company, the DeLorean Bicycle is the result of the collaboration between Stephen Wynne, president of the new version of the DMC from Texas, and the fabled bicycle manufacturer Marc Moore.

The two-wheeler encompasses the design and feel of the old vehicle, through a stainless steel body, a sharp look in the eyes of cyclists. Totally not for lightness-fans, the bike’s body is quite heavy in comparison with today’s ultimate bicycles. There are a few advantages to it as well, as it almost completely eliminates the threat of corrosion, offers a safer ride, allows more raw pedal power to be transferred to the wheels and, why not, looks a lot better.

Reportedly named the “Anyday”, the bike sports, alongside the DeLorean name, a belt drive, integrated 11-speed internally-geared hub, illuminescent-paint coated wheels that shine during the dark, disc brakes and state of the art mechanics.

Regarding its availability we don’t have any further knowledge, but we are aware of the bike’s value: it’ll be available for a stunning $5,500 per unit. If you’re a true lover of DeLorean but lack 90 grand, this will definitely do.


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