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Limited Edition Ulysse Nardin Voyage Bleu Chronograph

By Adrian Prisca


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We’ve focused on Ulysse Nardin for numerous times among our pages, as it’s one of the watchmakers we fancy most. Cohering with luxury and exquisiteness in everything that means watch-manufacture, they’ve pleased our visual sense very many times, through unique collector’s edition timepieces and features we’ve rarely seen among other similar brands.

Their latest, the limited edition Voyage Blue Chronograph, of the Marine Chronograph Collection, is simply a monument of timekeeping design, a tribute to their expertise in the field. Fine mechanical craftsmanship, flawless design and state of the art materials are just a few of the features this gadget comprises.

The watch is made from vulcanized blue rubber, a first for us. In addition, the timepiece supposedly includes an 18-carat gold ship’s medallion on the caseback. We’ve also heard of the option to pick between two different bezel and dial designs.

That’s the information we can provide so far about this gorgeous piece of timekeeping. Stay tuned for updates, in case the watch comes out of the shadows.

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