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Custom-Wolf and Thunderbike design this tribute to Porsche

By Adrian Prisca


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The German bike builders from Custom Wolf and Thunderbike teamed up to create this masterpiece: a custom two bike that’s meant to be a tribute to the legendary German automaker Porsche. Low, dark and menacing, the Porsche tribute bike is powered by a 113 cui (1,851cc) engine from S&S Cycles coupled to a 5 speed Harley Davidson Softail transmission.

Custom Wolf worked their magic designing the exhaust, fuel and oil tanks, rear fender and swingarm, grips and switching, while the guys from Thunderbike manufactured the fork, handlebards, chin, and the jaw dropping wheels with black and gold plated screws sized 4 x 18″ up front and 10 x 18″ in the back.

Next, the Porsche tribute bike also comes with a frame made by MMS/ Custom-Wolf, brake calipers adapted from the Kawasaki ZX10R, a cool Glow headlight, rear Buell motor, a suspension from Legend Air, and a Motogadget M-Unit E-box and instrument cluster. Marcus Pfeil took care of the impressive paint job which features several Porsche themes and some iconic faces from the history of this automaker.

Too bad it’s not for sale, but maybe if you ask these guys, they could build you a bike like this one from scratch.


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