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Crystal Rocked BlackBerry Bold 9900 Swarovski case

By Adrian Prisca


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Crystal Rocked is a company pretty well known for producing luxurious, Swarovski studded, iPhone cases but now they’re back with a new creation, this time for the new BlackBerry Bold 9900. The luxurious cases for the new BlackBerry are handmade in the company’s London studios from over 1,300 new Xilion cut Swarovski crystals.

Each of these cases is made from durable, high grade shell plastic with a wall of thickness of just 1mm and has been chromed to give the crystals a higher sparkle. These cases are priced at £389.00 or around $640 at today’s exchange rates, more than two times the prices of a normal BlackBerry Bold 9900 which can be bought for around $250.

Customers will be able to choose a certain color for their case as well. So, if you’re a fan of BlackBerry’s newest phone and would like to make it more unique and luxurious, this case from Crystal Rocked might be exactly what you were looking for.


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