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Creating the Perfect Luxury Bedroom

By Adrian Prisca


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Everyone needs a sanctuary from the stresses and strains of everyday life, and for many people this is the bedroom, a place where you can feel relaxed and at ease, somewhere which is conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. There’s nothing like getting under the duvet and feeling cozy and safe as your worries and fears drift away.

The feeling you get from your bedroom space is very important then, but you don’t want to have to make compromises on style or functionality. And if your idea of a relaxing bedroom is something rich and luxurious, your budget might be holding you back. There are actually some great off-the-peg bedrooms out there from the likes of Wren, but you might prefer to carefully build the look yourself over time. Whichever you prefer, we have some tips for achieving a great luxury bedroom without breaking the bank.

The Bed

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a bedroom the size of a suite at a five-star hotel, the bed is likely to take up the most floor space and therefore be the central feature of the room, so it is important to get the right style. The choice between metal or wooden-framed depends on taste, but to keep the luxury look go for a modern reproduction of a classic, flowing style, and with wood stick to darker hues. If you can get a deal on a bed frame then great, but don’t scrimp on the mattress – make sure you invest in one that is comfortable and supportive!

The Colours

It’s amazing the difference a lick of paint can make to your room, but you need to harness this power wisely. Even if you’re a big fan of bold reds and oranges, these colours are too powerful and vibrant for a luxury bedroom, and won’t create the calming atmosphere you want. Shades of cream mixed soft browns or deep greens are better options but don’t be tempted to mix too many shades – keep it simple.


Accessories are great for creating the feeling of luxury, but you need to manage them carefully as clutter will compromise any look, unless you’re going for hoarder chic. Organize your bits and pieces in decorative baskets and boxes that can be hidden out of the way, and choose a couple of elegant lamps, some wall art and one or two feature pieces to do the rest.

To add to the relaxing feel, experiment with aromatherapy candles using scents such as lavender and vanilla, which are great for creating a calming environment that will let you drift away easily.

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