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Contemporary Retreat Titilaka Is A Peruvian Marvel

By Victor Baker


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Yes, you’ve read the name correctly. This gorgeous retreat is actually called Titilaka, not Titicaca, even though it’s nestled right o the shores of this peaceful lake from Peru. Showing off a contemporary flair, this amazing Peruvian retreat blends beautifully with its natural surroundings, offering the most incredible views of the Andean scenery and the beautiful Lake Titicaca.

Tucked into a secluded peninsula, the Titilaka resort offers 8 luxurious lake-view suites, with all the luxury amenities you’d need in this Peruvian paradise and spa bathrooms with over-sized tubs where you will probably spend a lot of time.


Since this is an all-inclusive resort, you’re also welcomed to eat and explore as much of these astonishing surroundings as you want and the archaeological site of Chullpas de Sillustani or the colonial churches in Juli, Pomata, and Lampa are pretty close to Titilaka.

Once that’s all over, grab a glass of smooth wine and sail the highest navigable lake in the world. If hunger were to strike, then you will be happy to know that an exceptional experience which reflects the spirit of the land is also part of this exquisite package.


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