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Fisker Automotive Announces The Karma Era

By Victor Baker


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Fisker Automotive, the company behind one of the world’s first electric supercars, the Fisker Karma, has recently made a bold decision, deciding to change its name into Karma Automotive. The company has already launched its new website, including a video that reveals its new logo, and with new ownership, a new management team and a new production site, there’s bound to be more changes than the name.

Karma is based on the principle of cause and effect, with every action leading you towards the next stage of your future, which is to say that, from that point of view, the new name fits the car manufacturer. Karma’s new executive team includes talented people from the automotive and technology industries, while the new logo is clean, elegant, and modern in its simplicity.

Fisker Automotive was initially based in Anaheim, California, taking over the world with its first and only car, the Fisker Karma, which was unveiled back in 2008. This amazing ride started a powerful wave of changes and a massive competition on the premium green car segment but its production has been suspended in November 2012, with about 2,450 Karmas built in total.

Karma Automotive’s new owner is Chinese auto-parts conglomerate Wanxiang Group, committed to the alternative energy sources, having acquired solar, wind and energy companies. We’ll just have to wait and see the future of Karma Automotive, but this might just be the next move towards some new and interesting vehicles. Aren’t you excited?

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