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Contemporary Family Home in Singapore: JKC1 House

By Adrian Prisca


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The feng-shui style is nowadays a very sought-after current. Based on this principle, the ONG&ONG Singaporean architectural brand designed this beautiful residence located in Bukit Timah, Singapore. The JKC1 House gorgeously combines the earth with water, being set among a landscape that contains both mountains and the liquid element.

The green surroundings add to its nature-pointed purpose, while the pool in front of the property offers a warm welcome. The first floor of the residence features a living area, both usable for dining, with unobstructed views over the pool and gardens; the back of the house is endowed with a state-of-the-art kitchen filled with modern appliances, a laundry room and the garage.

The central staircase leads to the open courtyard, right above the kitchen. There’s a master suite that features a bedroom, full bathroom and go-in wardrobe. The opposite side is occupied by the children’s bedrooms and an adjacent playroom.

The middle of the house is great for family activities, perfect for all sorts of activities, from reading to playing and entertainment. The pool outside combined with the terrace offers a great ambiance for family gathering and all activities alike, fit for socializing and lounge.


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