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Coming from Outer Space: the Stahl Meteorite Set

By Adrian Prisca


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Stahl Meteorite Set

We’re sure many of our readers love playing poker, and probably some of them have even invested in their own high-end poker set, made by an exclusive brand, with all kinds of premium materials. But we doubt any of these bespoke poker sets comes with extraterrestrial poker chips, carved from a 13.7 kg meteorite that fell in northern Sweden almost 800,000 years ago.

That’s right, this particular poker set comes straight from the outer space. Created by a Swedish brand called Ståhl, this extraodinary piece includes 120 chips, five dice, and two high quality sets of playing cards, all housed within a gorgeous briefcase, covered in Swedish calf skin, and featuring an interior wrapped in reindeer calf suede.

Stahl Meteorite Set

Besides the fact that every single chip is made from this ultra rare material, they’re also covered in 18k white gold, and encrusted with precious stones like Burmese rubies, pristine diamonds and Sri Lankan sapphires, with an incredible attention to detail. All new players get casino bonuses at All Slots, so you might be able to afford this beauty one day.

The five dice are actually made of Siberian woolly mammoth ivory, adding to the overall awesomeness of this outrageous meteorite poker set. If you take a closer look at the briefcase it comes in, you’ll also notice a small part of the meteorite from which the chips have been carved, right on the lid.

In the end, you probably imagine this meteorite set is not exactly what we’d call cheap. Christie’s has estimated its value at around $150,000, which would make it not only the most exclusive poker set in the world, but also the most expensive.

Stahl Meteorite Set

[Stahl Stockholm]

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