ColorWare Creates Limited Edition 24K Gold-Plated Xbox and PS4 Controllers

ColorWare is an American company which specializes in changing the color of existing products, turning them into something special and eye-catching. This time, however, the company decided to take something through the ultimate makeover and turn it into a real masterpiece. The result is a highly-exclusive collection of 24-carat gold plated controllers, for both the PS4 and Xbox.

Getting that gorgeous rich, glossy finish is one thing – and although this hasn’t been done before on a controller, ColorWare has over a decade of experience doing these kinds of cosmetic modifications, so they eventually figured out the process. The real challenge was disassembling, cleaning, masking, and actually painting each of these devices, and the reassembling them without damaging or in any way altering the very sensitive controls. Nevertheless, ColorWare guarantees the only change is in the aesthetic quality of the devices, which is without a doubt for the better.

Both the 24-carat gold plated versions of the DualShock 4 controller and the Xbox One controller were released as limited editions comprising just 25 numbered units, each priced at $299. Both series have already sold out.