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CocoOne Is A Dreamy iPad-Controlled Relaxation Lounge

By Victor Baker


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There’s plenty of things to worry about, and while our purpose is not to remind you of all the troubles and stress from your life, it is worth accepting they are basic truths defining our reality. With that being said, we sometimes choose to ignore reality, and simply enjoy the blissful ignorance; this may not sound productive, but it is really healthy.

That’s where the CocoOne lounge comes in handy, a beautiful bed that can be accommodated both indoors or even under the sky, allowing its users to leave it all behind and enjoy true rest and relaxation. And the best thing about this lounge is that two wonderful swing doors protect the inhabitants of the CocoOne from the elements and curiosity of others.

The silence and isolation on offer, combined with a luxury bed with a comfortable back and foot area, electronically adjusted of course, are meant to take you to Sandman’s world a bit faster.


Moreover, this tiny habitat comes with its own in-built speakers, controlled through an iPad. Please note that the lighting within the CocoOne, as well as the heating, can be controlled in the same manner, which is definitely a great feature if you’re all tucked in with no desire to walk through the cold. A bug-proof netting enclosure ensures that warm summer nights offer all the treats, and none of the pain.

Since the CocoOne is truly fascinating, as well as portable, I cannot seem to find any flaws to this luxurious and comfortable tent. I guess it all comes down to choosing the ideal location, although a 5-star suite seems like a more desirable idea. What do you think?



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