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Cocoon is a Cutting-Edge, Smart Security System

By Brody Patterson


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Though often neglected in favor of comfort and entertainment, security is a very important issue every homeowner has to take care of eventually. Of course, smart technology is playing a very important role in this area as well, and a great example of this is the amazing Cocoon Security System.

The setup comes with every feature you’d expect when looking at home security systems, things like motion sensors, an HD camera, and of course smartphone connectivity.

It also has the capability of detecting intruders in any room of the house, which is also very important (you wouldn’t want any blind spots now, would you?) and can even “learn” to tell the difference between someone who’s welcome in the home and an unwelcome visitor.

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This is certainly a really neat piece of technology. According to its creators, the Cocoon Security System uses infrasound, a technique used in the past to detect earthquakes. What it does is basically measure low-frequency sound-waves – so low in fact that humans can’t even detect it. Then the system learns to tell the difference between regular activity and suspicious movement.

If it “thinks” something isn’t right, it will immediately alert you on your smartphone (and presumably security as well). The fact that it uses this state-of-the-art technology also means you don’t have to place cables or sensors everywhere: you just place the small, inconspicuous device anywhere in the home and it will take care of everything.

Like many other cool projects, Cocoon is currently seeking support on Indiegogo. While some working prototypes have been created, the first commercial version is expected to be released late next year. You can back the project now and receive your Cocoon Security System when it ships for about $250 to $300.

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