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Clock for an acrobat watch made by Daniel Weil

By Adrian Prisca


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A design that has been worked on for around 25 years, the “Clock for an Acrobat” timepiece is Daniel Weil’s creation. Featuring an extraordinary look, never seen before in the clock-industry, it reflects the pure position of the acrobats in the world, defying gravity and many known physical forces. This idea was exactly what Weil wanted to express through this incredible timepiece.

The big concentric hoops are the base of its round structure, with a huge circle comprising other smaller ones within it, all of them being mounted on a sleek track, just like the trace of an acrobat. The smallest, innermost circle is the actual clock; its structural resistance is assured by brass and nickel-plated silver rods.

Powering the whole mechanism, the battery is the most gravity-defying piece, being held in mid-air by positive and negative charged power lines; it’s also easily noticeable when it runs out of power, moving away from its original trajectory. Depending on the minutes, seconds and hour tongues, the inner circles move inside the larger one, adding to its uniqueness.

These clocks come in a limited edition of just 10 pieces. Crafted from rare materials, like nickel and ash plated silver, the frame is made of brass and the paths comprise walnut wood of single grain finishing parts. Furthermore, given the value of each piece, the final price hasn’t yet been made public, and you’d better save for this one.


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