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Christian Louboutin Takes You Away With The Hawaii Kawai Collection

By Victor Baker


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Hawaii Kawai Collection

Christian Louboutin plans to take over the world this spring with the new Hawaii Kawai collection. Showing off the wonderful colors and meaning of Aloha, the renowned Parisian designer was inspired by the unique mood and style of 1950’s Hawaii in creating these wonderful patterns.

The laid-back vibe of the tropical island made its way both onto women’s and men’s collections of shoes and leather goods. A colorful Hawaiian tropical print in black and white iterations, blooming with exotic hibiscus flowers, was imagined and carefully transformed into reality in the label’s Parisian studio.

Hawaii Kawai Collection

The vivid print can be seen on handbags, including the women’s Triloubi ($1,590 – $1,850) and men’s Trictrac, as well as a stand-out trim enhancing the curvaceous lines of Houla Hot and mirage heel sandal Olala. Classic Pigalle Follies ($715) comes in both white and black variations, while the ladies will probably appreciate the new, slim-soled Seava sneaker.

Bringing the glorious flora of Hawaii to life, Ha Why Luna and Ha Why Beach Club ($1,995 for each) captivate with 3-D laser-cut leather embellishments, as well as hand-placed crystals and pearls. With all this vibrancy on Christian Louboutin’s shelf, plane tickets may just become obsolete.

Hawaii Kawai Collection


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