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CHERUBIM Air Line Bike By Shinichi Konno

By Adrian Prisca


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In a world undergoing intense technological changes and seeking faster and more efficient means of transport, from 250 mph+ supercars to motorized bicycles, just a few names like Shinichi Konno, a renowned bike builder, and Levi’s Commuter Series event, manage to bring exquisite bikes in the spotlight.

Shinichi Konno is the current owner of CHERUBIM, a custom bike shop in Machida, just outside of Tokyo. His thirst for creating new bike designs, extraordinary shapes and one-of-a-kind two-wheelers drew him towards the CHERUBIM Air Line. The design of the bikes in this gorgeous series sports no evident straight lines, being filled with curves and fine shapes.

It sort of reminds us of the 1950’s Radio Flyer wagons and tricycles, with an exquisite red coating and chrome accents. The minimalistic style of the bikes is only based on elongated ellipses and graceful lines.

The whole series could be considered a gallery of individual art pieces, each one of them featuring high quality materials and the best of efficiency. They’re perfectly fit to be ridden, on the streets or on the velodrome; so pick one and start your journey.


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