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Chanel presents their new J12 Chromatic Timepiece

By Adrian Prisca


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Chanel has recently introduced a new stylish watch in their J12 collection, the J12 Chromatic, a watch that has the same timeless look and sleek sophistication as its predecessors. The new watch is almost indestructible thanks to its titanium ceramic case which is almost as hard as sapphire.

This case offers a unique design color that hovers between black and white, iconic favorite colors of Gabrielle Chanel. The watch was finished with a special polishing technique, inspired by diamond powders polishing sapphires which creates a brilliant color and a shiny metallic finish.

The Chanel J12 Chromatic will be available in both male and female versions and will come in a wide range of designs. There are seven models in the Chromatic collection including a 33 mm with Quarts movements, 38 and 41 mm with automatic movements in two versions with either round or baguette-cut diamonds.

The new Chanel J12 timepiece features a unique dial, a combination of a circular pattern on the outer dial and a brushed steel inner dial that will surely turn a lot of heads.


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