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Celebrate in Style with the $6,500 Wild Journey Backpack

By Victor Baker


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Wild Journey Backpack

With a more than interesting name, the Wild Journey backpack is the result of a unique collaboration between Parisian menswear and accessories brand Berluti and the renowned French champagne house Krug.

The stunning Venezia Leather creation before you was actually designed to carry a Champagne bottle and keep it cool, while the signature dark red exterior shade will help you travel in style. On the inside, you will find thermal lining working together with a removable, insulated foam to keep your favorite bubbly cold throughout the trip.

Wild Journey Backpack

Of course, the package also includes a bottle of Krug Rosé Champagne, just to get you started, as well as a chrome wine stopper, and two glasses courtesy of Riedel. The latter were designed specifically for this champagne, adding to the exclusivity of this backpack and to the romantic atmosphere one might enjoy on the road.

As you might have expected, nothing in life comes for free. So, the $6,500 will most likely cover everything, except the potential engagement ring. That one will have to be covered by another brand, and I’m sure men with deep pockets will be glad to make their significant other happy, once some very obvious hints have been thrown around. Happy wife, happy life!

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