Celebrate 90 Years Of Extreme Engineering With The Ducati 1299 Panigale S Anniversario

ducati 1299 panigale s anniversario

Ducati has been around for 90 years, delivering incredible products and going beyond any and all limits of engineering. The renowned Italian motorcycle maker has decided to celebrate its 90th anniversary in the best way possible, unveiling a new extreme superbike and setting a new performance benchmark, with the new Ducati 1299 Panigale S Anniversario.

Enhancing the Panigale’s award-winning design is a challenge in itself, but the designers from Ducati have managed to do the impossible once again, with the 1299 S Anniversario showing off unique graphics and a gorgeous set of gold Marchesini forged aluminium wheels.

In case you didn’t know this yet, Ducati’s Panigale bike shares its name with the small manufacturing town of Borgo Panigale and this gorgeous anniversary version will be produced in a limited run of just 500 units. Each of these motorcycles will feature a special, machined billet aluminium top triple clamp, that will be laser-inscribed with the rider’s name and the bike’s number in the limited run.

ducati 1299 panigale s anniversario

The wonderful look of the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario have been beautifully influenced by traditional Ducati race bikes and you’ll get a lot of power on this bike as well. This model is powered by the 205-hp Superquadro 1285 cc engine, with engine brake control (EBC) keeping it tight under extreme turn-in conditions,

The motorcycle also benefits from magnesium clutch cover, cylinder head covers and oil pan, in an effort to keep things as light as possible, and finished in gold to go with the lovely set of wheels. The twin LED front headlamp is brand new, and so are the double LED rear lights wrap and the instrument panel, which comes with a full TFT display.

Even cooler, the display’s configuration automatically adapts to environmental lighting and the selected riding mode. Nothing but the best from the Italian bike builder.

ducati 1299 panigale s anniversario