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Jack Sparrow Isn’t The Only One Who Loves Tortuga Bay

By Victor Baker


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Tortuga Bay

You might remember Tortuga as a pirate-infested bay, where the scum of the Earth gather around to drink and organize other mischiefs – but that only happened in the Pirates of the Caribbean. In reality, Tortuga Pay is the ideal place to experience luxury as never before, with places like the Punta Cana Resort & Club, where guests will start to believe in love at first sight once again.

The great Oscar de la Renta designed the beautiful villas at Tortuga Bay to be so elegant that they could leave a mark on your memories and life. So let’s just say you won’t be wanting to return home any time soon.

Tortuga Bay

Once you will step out of the plane, the staff at Tortuga Bay Punta Cana Resort & Club will make every second spent here as pleasurable as you’ve dreamed of – or, possibly even more exciting. A private car will be waiting as you arrive, your personal concierge will be along for the ride, and a stunning villa will welcome you within its seducing decors.

Activities at Tortuga Bay include three golf courses, the possibility to swim natural springs, scuba tours to sunken ships, wind surfing, horseback riding, and more. You may even enjoy the sights provided by rare Dominican wildlife, or simply have a relaxing time at the Six Senses Spa.

Tortuga Bay

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