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Cartier’s Timeless Juste un Clou has been Refreshed

By Victor Baker


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Juste un Clou

Aldo Cipullo, the brilliant mind behind Cartier’s iconic Love bracelet has quickly become one of the greatest jewelry designers of the modern era. Back in 1971, he also came up with a stunning creation called Juste un Clou, or “Just a Nail”, a gorgeous piece inspired by the designer’s love for hardware, that could be wrapped around your wrist.

A symbol of a non-conformist attitude, Juste un Clou was basically a nail cast in 18K gold and hand pulled into a loop so it could become either a bracelet or a ring, standing out in the best of ways. Many years later, in 2012, Cartier produced an exhibition of Cipullo’s amazing work and re-released this chic Nail bracelet in a charming yellow, white and pink gold design, as well as a special version pavé set entirely with diamonds.

Juste un Clou

But the good news right now is that Cartier has breathed new life into this timeless collection, with a few new pieces unveiled at the 2017 Milan Design Week. Showcased in a themed exhibition at the renowned event, the new Juste un Clou line-up also includes an oversized bracelet and the enlarged Juste un Clou Torque necklace.

Perfect for him or for her, Juste un Clou shows off a sleek unisex design, that’s equally suitable for any event or situation. 40 years later, Cartier and Aldo Cipullo’s inspired design still remains an eye-catcher.

Juste un Clou

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