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Karim Rashid’s Decanter Will be a Great Conversation Starter

By Victor Baker


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Karim Rashid Decanter

The acclaimed New York-based industrial designer Karim Rashid had a different vision of what a wine bottle should look like, and luckily he decided to share it with us. He cut up the shape of a wine bottle in three and then pieced it back together, getting an oddly pleasing bottle shape that will surely stand out wherever you see it.

Specially designed for Canadian winery Stratus Vineyards, Karim Rashid’s unique bottle is easy to hold and decants wine while pouring, straying away from the conservative lifestyle. Its unusual silhouette is made up of three angular blocks beautifully joined together, with a traditional head and neck on top, helping this bottle to change the status quo.

Karim Rashid Decanter

The edges of this spectacular black glass bottle also serve a more practical purpose, specifically catching the sediment of the unfiltered Cabernet Franc. This exquisite wine is Stratus’ first unfiltered wine, set to tease your senses with a stronger aroma and taste.

Revealed during an event at office furniture brand Teknion’s New York showroom, this stunning bottle isn’t the first time someone went over the traditional design boundaries for wine drinkers. Other re-designed wine bottles include Zaha Hadid’s curvaceous container for Austrian winemaker Leo Hillinger, but I sadly have to admit that I haven’t tasted either of them.

Karim Rashid Decanter

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