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Business and Pleasure at the Mandarin Oriental, Geneva

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Mandarin Oriental, Geneva

Combining Swiss excellence with Asian elegance sounds like the perfect recipe for success, and that’s exactly what you can enjoy at the resplendent Mandarin Oriental, Geneva. Nestled right at the edge of the beautiful RhĂ´ne river, in the heart of Geneva, this incredible hotel acts as the proper starting point for any traveler who wants to visit this charming Swiss city, regardless of the purpose of their visit: business, relaxation or just discovering this place.

The blissful Lake Geneva is just a few steps away from the hotel, and so are the cobblestone streets of the Old Town or the big banks in the financial district. But this high-end hotel will make you want to stay in as much as possible, and one of the reasons is Rasoi by Vineet, the first fine dining Indian restaurant in Geneva, where the renowned chef Vineet is ready to offer you a unique taste of traditional Indian cookery, blending the right flavors and textures to tease all your senses with delightful dishes.

Mandarin Oriental, Geneva

On the other hand, the hotel’s lovely CafĂ© Calla offers a cool mix of modern Swiss/French cuisine and health-conscious options, in a marvelous setting where socializing will come naturally, and guests may also enjoy an extensive menu of organic cocktails and wines alongside these tasty delicacies.

The gorgeous rooms and suites at the Mandarin Oriental, Geneva, shouldn’t be ignored either, offering unparalleled luxury, with an elegant blend of Asian and European influences, complemented by state of the art features and bespoke decor elements. Does anyone care to join me or will I savor these treats all by myself?

Mandarin Oriental, Geneva

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