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The Bugatti X PG Is A Two-Wheel Carbon Fiber Marvel

By Victor Baker


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Bugatti X PG

After teaming up with Palmer Johnson Yachts for the jaw dropping Bugatti Niniette 66, the French supercar maker has joined forces with German luxury bicycle manufacturer PG for an eye catching bike called Bugatti X PG. Weighting in at just 5 kg, this sleek bike is actually the lightest special urban bike in the world right now, but what might even better is the fact that it shows off Bugatti’s distinctive design cues.

Optimized for the aerodynamic demands of high-speed riding, this beautiful thing was on display at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, gaining a lot of attention even from the biggest car enthusiasts. The Bugatti X PG was 95% constructed out of carbon fiber, with the frame, fork, rims, handlebars, seat, crank and brakes being all made by Italian experts at Merelli.

Bugatti X PG

Please note that only 667 models of this incredible bike will be ever produced, hand-customized and showcased in the Bugatti showroom in Weinstadt. Showing off a magical design and fine workmanship, this two-wheel wonder also looks like a proper homage to Bugatti’s founder Ettore Bugatti.

The limited-edition bike is set to retail for $39,000 price tag, somewhat of a bargain compared to the $2.7M Bugatti Chiron. Better than nothing, right?

Bugatti X PG

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