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Bugatti Veyron Big Block Watch Winder

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Bugatti Veyron Big Block Watch Winder

The German designer OriginTimes has created a bespoke watch winder called “Big Block” starting with the engine block from the Bugatti Veyron. Every combustion chamber of the engine has been fitted with an individual winder making this block a sixteen cylinder watch winder.

Every winder is calibrated individually according to each timepiece’s needs and lined in goatskin to keep them in perfect condition. If you love watches so much that you own around sixteen watches at the moment and you’re also in love with cars, this Big Block watch winder might be a perfect gift for you.

OriginTimes priced their Bugatti Veyron Big Block Watch Winder at “only” 75,000 EUR (around $100,000) but if you own sixteen luxurious watches, the price probably won’t be an issue for you.


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