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The Buben&Zorweg Time Mover Watch Winding Technology

By Brody Patterson


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Founded in 1995, Buben&Zorweg immediately became a respected name in the area of watch winding technology with the release of the first Time Mover, in collaboration with its partner brand ELMA. The company has since released its own timepieces and even safes, but has always maintained its focus onto what it does best: creating great watch winders.

The new Time Mover technology boasts lower operating sound and better energy efficiency, as well as greater durability thanks to the use of special ball bearings and new materials, which performed perfectly during the 40,000 hours of testing (which is equivalent to an operating lifetime of 45 years). The watch holders themselves were also upgraded, which means that they can now accommodate self winding watches with cases of up to 60 mm in diameter, as well as timepieces with prominent crowns.

The Buben&Zorweg Watch Winder Technology also features a new Safety Catch Mechanism, allowing the watch holder to be safely and easily clicked into position. All of these upgrades are the result of the fruitful collaboration between Buben&Zorweg and ELMA, with two and a half years of research and development going into this project.


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