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Brilliant Earth – Saving the Planet one Diamond Ring at a Time

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With everything going on in various parts of the world, people are becoming more and more conscious to the fact some parts of our planet are deeply troubled and sometimes those problems are being fueled by seemingly innocent things like the demand for diamonds. This is where companies like Brilliant Earth come in.

Brilliant Earth is a company founded by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg, after Gerstein’s fiancé Alex couldn’t find a ring that was beautiful, but also created in a way which didn’t harm the environment or the people who made it. During that time, Grossberg was also looking for ways in which jewels could become a kind of “tool for social change in developing countries” when mined responsively. The pair set about achieving this goal and started the company in 2005.

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The standards Brilliant Earth has set itself are so high only 0.01% of the world’s diamonds meet them. Every gem can be accurately traced to a mine in Namibia, Russia, Canada, or Botswana which follows strict labor laws. Furthermore, every piece of jewelry is made using recycled precious metals, including gold and platinum. And that’s not all: Brilliant Earth even donates “five percent of its profits towards education, environmental restoration, and economic development” – which means you’re basically contributing a bit to saving the world with each purchase you make from this company.

But it’s not just about the warm feeling you get when knowing you’ve contributed to a good cause. Brilliant Earth’s releases include everything from stylish necklaces to delicate engagement rings. Their high quality jewelry craftsmanship has also earned them good reviews from customers and industry blogs. Partnerships with great stylists and designers mean that there’s an exquisite, glittering piece for everyone, no matter what their tastes and preferences are.

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