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Brinell’s New Refined iPad Air 2 Will Leave You Wanting More

By Victor Baker


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Refined IPad Air 2

Apple fans always appreciate new, extravagant options coming for their favorite devices, and Brinell is just the latest name added to the list of companies which tried to refine Apple products in these past years.

If you thought the new iPad Air 2 was exciting, you should know that Brinell’s new “iPad Air 2 refined” takes things to a completely new level. The German company might be famous for fashionable memory sticks and storage drives, all decked out in various types of wood, leather and other shiny baubles, but this bespoke iPad will make them even more popular.

Come November 2, the company will reveal three customized versions of the iPad Air 2: one encased in Macassar ebony – a rare dark wood, one in Napa leather, and another with a carbon fiber finish. The customized iPad Air 2 also seems to feature some kind of metal plating that runs the length of it.

Refined IPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 refined from Brinell features Qi wireless charging, so plugging in when battery low isn’t a must any more. Furthermore, a Brinell logo also sits atop the device’s display, but with no technical modifications as part of the package.

Regarding price-tags, the 16GB, Wi-Fi only iPad Air 2 refined costs €1,499 ($1,700) – about $1,200 more than Apple charges for its stock version – and bare in mind that Brinell is accepting preorders.


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