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The Linley Picnic Hamper by Mulliner Is What Bentley Was Missing

By Victor Baker


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Linley Picnic Hamper by Mulliner

The Mulliner Picnic Hamper takes exquisite luxury to places it has never been seen before – literally. If you’re the lucky owner of a brand new Bentley Bentayga, you will surely appreciate these luxurious picnic hampers while you explore interesting places with your new, jaw dropping SUV.

Equally impressive as the Mulliner Tourbillon clock by Breitling, the Linley Picnic Hamper by Mulliner comes furnished with the finest examples of luxury crockery, cutlery, and glassware. Designed in collaboration with British designer Linley, this exquisite hamper will be secured into the car by using a custom-engineered tray docking mechanism.

Linley Picnic Hamper by Mulliner

It’s well worth mentioning that all three compartments of the hamper can be pulled forward to the edge of the tailgate, for effortless access and removal from the luxurious SUV. The hamper can be utilized with or without Bentayga’s Event Seat option, provided you will always keep it stocked with your favorite treats.

Plates, cups and saucers are all sourced from the Sublime Collection of renowned French porcelain maker Havilland, with four sets of award-winning Alta Robbeand Berking silver cutlery and a Somerset Laguiole cheese knife from Linley also being part of this exquisite package. The chrome-finished Bentley Flying B bottle stopper seems like a sublime finishing touch.

Please note the four Bentley crystal champagne flutes, designed by David Redman of London, as well as the two bottles of champagne chilled to 8°C. perfection, that will come with these hampers. The third hamper compartment includes a Mulliner cashmere picnic rug, so I guess the only thing missing out of your life is a new Bentayga. Enjoy!

Linley Picnic Hamper by Mulliner

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