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RMK Marine Comes out with Not One, Not Two But Three Superyacht Concepts

By Victor Baker


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The 2015 Monaco Yacht Show saw Istanbul-based RMK Marine proudly unveil a new range of elegant superyacht concepts, spanning 57 to 76 meters in length. Developed by their in-house team, in partnership with designer Selahattin Uldas, these three new yachts were named after three famous Turkish archaeological regions: Halikarnas, Kapadokya and Bergama.

Özgür Numan, Yacht Division manager at RMK Marine, has stated that each of the three vessels will come with its own, bespoke style and features, although they all share the same important common values: performance, stability, deck space and volume. It’s also worth mentioning that the crew quarters fully comply with the LY3 regulations.

RMK Marine

Now let’s take a closer look at these splendid concepts: The 57m Halikarnas is a sleek superyacht, showing off a futuristic reverse bow, a forward lounge area and a cozy pool on the bridge deck. On the other hand, the 65m Kapadokya was meant to be a luxury ocean-going explorer superyacht, with a huge aft beach, a big pool at the aft main deck and a forward garage for fast water toys.

Last but not least, the flagship 76m Bergama shows off some pretty stylish lines with vast deck space, massive volume and incredible power. These three vessels stand as proof that RMK Marine is bent on continuously investing and improving the quality of boatbuilding.

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