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BOXX electric scooter looks like a rideable suitcase

By Adrian Prisca


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There’s always a rattling sound we let out when carrying our luggage on its own wheels, plus, the weight of it exhausts us pretty hard. The guys from BOXX, a company based in Portland, Oregon, revealed something quite interesting and definitely weird – their first production electric scooter.

It was recently launched at the Portland International Auto Show, the project having been penned down by BOXX’s founder, Eric Vaughn, visual designer for the Stargate series and Emmie-nominated.

Measured at around 1 meter in length (39 inches), and appearing to be some sort of hybrid between a large camera and a suitcase, it can reach speeds of 35 mph (56 km/h) and has an autonomy of up to 80 miles (129km). Furthermore, it features storage space for groceries and can easily be held inside your apartment or store, thanks to the lack of oil or gas use.

Prices at an anything but modest sum, it seems to be fit for eco-friendly high-class customers. Plus, the range we mentioned earlier is not standard. To increase it to the aforementioned number, there’s a “Core2” package to be added, priced at $500, mainly being an additional battery pack.

It takes four hours for the unit to be fully charged, but yet again, for an extra $349 dollars the charging time can be shortened. Priced at $4,000 per unit, ordering one now will get you a $255 discount from the standard price. The creator of the vehicle states that it’s actually the first all-wheel-drive two-wheeled vehicle. You can order one now from their respective main site.


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